You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Allen Automotive:

I am a new customer to Allen Automotive, and wanted to write you and say thank you on two fronts -- for the terrific recent auto repairs I had done and also for the great professional service managers you have. I have been extremely fortunate to have Gino Pellegrino as my service manager for the last 24 years in the Washington area, and when he recently moved to Allen Automotive, I followed and started bringing my car there, too.

I can't imagine a more knowledgeable, trusted, professional or personable service manager than Gino, and I've trusted every Honda I've owned to Gino's care for almost a quarter of a century! I needed new brakes recently, and thanks to Gino and your terrific auto repair professionals, who gave such excellent repairs at such a good price! They took the time to show me the exact problem with the brakes, their diagnosis, and gave me such a reasonable price. I can't say enough good about Gino, your whole staff and your business. Many thanks!


The owner of this place, Henry, was so understanding, explaining everything to me. I had gone to multiple places before and they had given me crazy prices, but this place told me that there was no need to spend all that money and there was an easy alternative which cost me a third of the other places. My car has been running better than ever since that day. I'm truly pleased.


I searched around for a mechanic for several years before I found Allen's Automotive and have been a loyal customer for the past 2-3 years. Not only do I bring my car to the shop, I have my two older daughters using his services whenever possible. I'm sure you could go somewhere else and find slightly less costly repairs, but not the quality of service.


I love this garage, and I highly recommend that you go here. I moved to Maryland two years ago, and a woman at my church recommended Allen Automotive (she has been going to them for years with her Volvo). I have a 2007 Honda Accord, and my brakes were making a grinding noise, and I took the car in to be evaluated (thinking that something very expensive must be wrong with the brakes), and they told me the brakes were making that noise because I don't drive the car that often (I metro everywhere), and while the car sits, a little harmless rust builds up on the pads, but it wears off as soon as I start driving the car. They asked me if I noticed if the noise went away after a few minutes of driving it, and I said yes it did. So, there was nothing wrong with my brakes, and these guys honestly told me that. I've since brought my car to them for routine oil checks, and they have continued to be great. They will also pick you up from the metro (and drop you off at the metro), if you don't want to wait in their waiting room. This garage is honest and excellent, and I highly recommend that you go here!!


I would recommend Henry and his entire staff for all your automotive repairs. I live in California and recently bought an exotic car from Maryland. I searched the area for a professional garage to inspect this car for meI. I talked to him several time and he was very informative about my car. He diagnosed a problem with the computer. He had the equipment to diagnose the problem. He fixed the problem and he actually assisted me with the shipping. He was very helpful and very informative. He and his staff went out of their way to assist me with this purchase. If you have any older car or exotic cars for diagnostics needs I would recommend him. Thanks again


I have been coming to Allen Automotive for several years, and know I can rely on them to give me honest and reliable estimates and quality work. So when my power steering went out in my car on the way home from the Eastern Shore, I took it to Allen Automotive just as soon as I got home. They called me and gave me an estimate within two hours and I was able to pick it up by noon the next day. I recommend Allen Automotive to anyone who needs a reliable honest car repair.

Jeanie W.

Work performed quickly and efficiently.


I always get accurate quotes and excellent service. Alex & Henry are always solicitous, easygoing and friendly. The mechanics do an excellent job, and I'm sure my Saturn wouldn't be in such excellent shape at 120k miles if I didn't bring it here.

Kristen E.

Called, ask if fix could be made while I wait....Provided fast and efficient service at a very reasonable price.

Terry P.

We entrust our cars to Allen Automotive since 2006 and never have regretted our decision. We have our peace of mind when we let Allen Automotive to conduct the due routine services or necessary repairs. We have always benefited from their professional, trustworthy and fair consultations.

Gevork D.

Allen Automotive has consistently cared for our 2008 Prius and we appreciate their quick, direct and comprehensive approach.

Pam G.

Great service as usual! Explains work to be done and approximate cost.

Lahugh B.

I have been bringing my 2004 Toyota Sienna to this shop ever since I figured out that the dealer was completely ripping me off. The guys are nice, trustworthy, and dependable. Their work is outstanding. The prices are reasonable, too. I was just in earlier this week to have a belt replaced, and got in and out of the shop in just under an hour. I highly recommend this shop to everyone I know.

Hidayah K.

I've been going to Allen Automotive for over 20 years and I have always had a positive experience with them. They do good work in a timely fashion for a fair price. Notice I said fair and not cheap. When it comes to repairs on something as critical to daily life as your car you don't want the cheapest guy in town.

Odell J.

I called and was able to make a same day appointment to get my car inspected. The work was done in a timely manner and I was able to get out on the road. No complaints from me. I'll be back next time I need service. Thanks!

Jason A.