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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Allen Automotive:

These guys are great! They do a great job and stand behind their work. Most importantly they know what they are doing! I have dealt with bad shops in the past. They have also squeezed me in on several occasions the same day I called. When my truck is down I can't make money and it hurts. They understand and have always got me in and out. They have won my business no question. I would recommend Allen Automotive to anyone without hesitation.

Eire Plumbing

This dude totally was quick with diagnosing a terrible sound my truck's tire was making, and fitting me in so I don't have to Uber about town. I really appreciated his help.

George M.

Super quick turn around and honest to boot (i.e., He didn't try to upsell me on anything.) Only caveat is the Oil/fluid change was a little more expensive than I've paid for in the 757... but.... it's the DMV and everything is more expensive around here.

Jack H.

Went in for a Maryland state inspection, they replaced my wiper blades that caused my car to fail and passed me. They're much better than the ones I had. I had a rear differential issue and went back and they took care of it in just a few hours. The owner offered to have someone drive me back to work (3 miles away) if I dropped my car off first thing in the morning, too. My windshield was cracked pretty badly while in their care and after making arrangements with the owner, that was fixed the next day, in an hour or so while I waited.

Danielle A.

Excellent, attentive, responsive service; my car is 16 years old, still running well, only serviced at Allen Automotive.

Tamara P.

They serviced my Toyota 4Runner with transmission and new brakes. The job was awesome and the customer service was above and beyond satisfaction. I recommend Allen automobile.

James N.

It was a huge relief to find this shop. Besides being knowledgeable and skilled, the staff is friendly, communicative and trustworthy.

Eric S.

I had an MD state inspection and oil change done here. They had the best inspection price in the Silver Spring area and the service was performed quickly with no upselling. I would definitely recommend them.

Humza A.

Over a year ago, I had an experienced tow truck driver talk me through the pros & cons of many of the local auto shops. He gave positive reviews of Allen Automotive (one of the only positive reviews for the area since he said that most of the honest mechanics had been forced out of DC and the nearby surrounding suburbs). I've subsequently been a loyal customer with Allen Automotive for my BMW and have been impressed with their honesty, transparency and rapid service turn-around. I'm lucky to have found them.

David K. P.

Allen Automotive is the mechanic you thought didn't exist anymore. Behind a red painted brick wall in a very unimpressive little industrial park are immaculate service bays, tidy & organised office and waiting space. However it is the staff that makes the place what it is. These guys don't mess around: they are there to fix your car. If the problem is hard to describe and you don't speak "mechanic" very well, they listen intently & ask questions. Henry, the boss, won't do extensive work until he calls you first and gets your OK. The receipts for work are very detailed; there is never any question about what was or what was not done. If Allen goofs, they make it right. All work is done with care and skill. No, they are not cheap, but you absolutely get what you pay for. Allen would never stoop to that old trick of "inventing" something wrong and then "fixing" it at a high price. I was getting regularly ripped off at my local garage----thank goodness I've now found Allen.

Nanette B.

Second time customer. Very satisfied with the friendly, efficient, customer oriented staff at Allen Automotive. Received an appointment convenient to me, and a written quote for service requested. Work completed on schedule with final cost actually being a little less than my quote.

Donald S.

It's rare that I like a business enough to give it a review, but this place has played car doctor for my and my daughter's cars too many times to not commend them. They are professional, their prices are extremely reasonable for the quality work you're receiving, and Henry, the owner, never fails to thoroughly explain the problem and exactly how the mechanics are going to go about fixing it. If you don't have a day to waste waiting for your car, they'll happily drop you off at the metro station and pick you back up if you have no other means of transportation. Professional, friendly, and affordable. Highly recommend this business.

Cora S.

We have been taking cars to Henry for 15+ years and we have always found him to be honest & caring. Lately, we have a car with an extended warranty and the dealership has given us a string of recommended repairs with estimates of $1000+ on several occasions. Not covered by the warrantee. SO each time we drive to Henry who, after examining the car, laughs and says that what is needed is nothing or something far, far cheaper. His air conditioning repair was $450. Throw in a brake job, oil change, new headlight, some switch work on the dash board and the total was $300 less than the dealership wanted for a job that clearly would not have fixed the issue. All I can say is take your car to Henry for fair, honest service at a good price!

Dean G.

Love this place. Straight shooters, great prices, no gender bias. Just the kind of place to bring your car when you want things done, no-frills, high quality, good price, done on time. I took my old car there years ago and was glad to take my new car to them again vs. the dealer once the warranty expired. They're actually much better than the dealer when it comes to Audi, Volvo and Hondas.


I brought my Mustang in for oil change, lub, manual transmission fluid change and 4-wheel alignment. The car was taken into the garage right at my appointment time, and the work was completed about 90 minutes later. The car was clean upon return, and has been running well since. The price for the service was reasonable. Allen will only charge you for the work they actually do; even if you ask them to do something, if they assess the work is not necessary, they won't do it and won't charge you for it. That kind of honesty is rare today.

Guy R.

In the sea of 'decent' automotive shops in the DC area, Allen Automotive stands out above the crowd. They don't have a fancy lounge with free coffee, pastries, and a 60" flat screen TV, but then again you don't have to pay for that when the bill comes. They do have a clean, comfortable, no frills waiting room, and they do have WiFi. Fortunately for me, I didn't have to stay long. Like Brett said in 2012, they work closely with Radial Tire. They still do, and that's a good thing. I had a very complex and unique 4 wheel alignment that needed to be performed on my Porsche. I was told that Marvin was the guy to do the job. Turns out he was. Marvin's alignment was spot-on. The improvement in handling is dramatic....and the cost for this alignment? Less than any other capable shop who specializes in this kind of alignment. Ask me how I know ;)

John L.

After getting 4 new tires on my BMW I need an alignment. Friendly, quick, and at a good price. Got me in an out in less than 1 hour.

Brian S.

Great general auto repair shop! Henry and his staff do great work, are honest and open about what is going on with your car and why everything is being done. We have been going to them for 15 years and have always been satisfied. Don't be afraid to ask them questions. They are located near and work well with Quattro Auto Body and Radial Tires. All are withing 5 minutes of each other and represent complete, quality auto care.

P. F.

I love this garage, and I highly recommend that you go here. I moved to Maryland two years ago, and a woman at my church recommended Allen Automotive (she has been going to them for years with her Volvo). I have a 2007 Honda Accord, and my brakes were making a grinding noise, and I took the car in to be evaluated (thinking that something very expensive must be wrong with the brakes), and they told me the brakes were making that noise because I don't drive the car that often (I metro everywhere), and while the car sits, a little harmless rust builds up on the pads, but it wears off as soon as I start driving the car. They asked me if I noticed if the noise went away after a few minutes of driving it, and I said yes it did. So, there was nothing wrong with my brakes, and these guys honestly told me that. I've since brought my car to them for routine oil checks, and they have continued to be great. They will also pick you up from the metro (and drop you off at the metro), if you don't want to wait in their waiting room. This garage is honest and excellent, and I highly recommend that you go here!!

Kat S.

I am a new customer to Allen Automotive, and wanted to write you and say thank you on two fronts -- for the terrific recent auto repairs I had done and also for the great professional service managers you have. I have been extremely fortunate to have Gino Pellegrino as my service manager for the last 24 years in the Washington area, and when he recently moved to Allen Automotive, I followed and started bringing my car there, too.

I can't imagine a more knowledgeable, trusted, professional or personable service manager than Gino, and I've trusted every Honda I've owned to Gino's care for almost a quarter of a century! I needed new brakes recently, and thanks to Gino and your terrific auto repair professionals, who gave such excellent repairs at such a good price! They took the time to show me the exact problem with the brakes, their diagnosis, and gave me such a reasonable price. I can't say enough good about Gino, your whole staff and your business. Many thanks!


I have been coming to Allen Automotive for several years, and know I can rely on them to give me honest and reliable estimates and quality work. So when my power steering went out in my car on the way home from the Eastern Shore, I took it to Allen Automotive just as soon as I got home. They called me and gave me an estimate within two hours and I was able to pick it up by noon the next day. I recommend Allen Automotive to anyone who needs a reliable honest car repair.

Jeanie W.

I always get accurate quotes and excellent service. Alex & Henry are always solicitous, easygoing and friendly. The mechanics do an excellent job, and I'm sure my Saturn wouldn't be in such excellent shape at 120k miles if I didn't bring it here.

Kristen E.

Called, ask if fix could be made while I wait....Provided fast and efficient service at a very reasonable price.

Terry P.

We entrust our cars to Allen Automotive since 2006 and never have regretted our decision. We have our peace of mind when we let Allen Automotive to conduct the due routine services or necessary repairs. We have always benefited from their professional, trustworthy and fair consultations.

Gevork D.

Great service as usual! Explains work to be done and approximate cost.

Lahugh B.

I have been bringing my 2004 Toyota Sienna to this shop ever since I figured out that the dealer was completely ripping me off. The guys are nice, trustworthy, and dependable. Their work is outstanding. The prices are reasonable, too. I was just in earlier this week to have a belt replaced, and got in and out of the shop in just under an hour. I highly recommend this shop to everyone I know.

Hidayah K.

I've been going to Allen Automotive for over 20 years and I have always had a positive experience with them. They do good work in a timely fashion for a fair price. Notice I said fair and not cheap. When it comes to repairs on something as critical to daily life as your car you don't want the cheapest guy in town.

Odell J.

I called and was able to make a same day appointment to get my car inspected. The work was done in a timely manner and I was able to get out on the road. No complaints from me. I'll be back next time I need service. Thanks!

Jason A.

Allen Automotive has consistently cared for our 2008 Prius and we appreciate their quick, direct and comprehensive approach.

Pam G.

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