Helpful and thorough job on a pre-purchase inspection. Henry (owner) explained all this issues with the car. Professional, clean, organized, and thorough. They have generally been available for the same day or next day appointment. They are not specialists with my make of car (VW), but are excellent overall. I took my car to a VW specialist in Wheaton for another job, he pointed out a minor (?) diagnostic detail that Allen sounded like he missed (specialist saw the 'disease' while Allen noticed the 'symptom'...but I am a layperson so you can discount my opinion on that). I went back for the repairs recommended for the inspection, which ended up being about $80 more than the estimate ($487 versus $565). I did not get an explanation as to why, which was a bit dissapointing. Overall, I would recommend Allen Automotive for general repairs.


Allen did a great job on my BMW suspension. They work closely with Radial Tire which makes them a super convenient option. They were done early and came in at a very reasonable on price. I highly recommend them.


I love this garage, and I highly recommend that you go here. I moved to Maryland two years ago, and a woman at my church recommended Allen Automotive (she has been going to them for years). I have a 2007 Honda Accord, and my brakes were making a grinding noise, and I took the car in to be evaluated (thinking that something very expensive must be wrong with the brakes), and they told me the brakes were making that noise because I don't drive the car that often (I metro everywhere), and while the car sits, a little harmless rust builds up on the pads, but it wears off as soon as I start driving the car. They asked me if I noticed if the noise went away after a few minutes of driving it, and I said yes it did. I've since brought my car to them for routine oil checks, and they have always been honest and excellent. They will also pick you up from the metro (and drop you off at the metro), if you don't want to wait in their waiting room.


He told me that my car needed so much more then it did, trying to get more money out of me, All I wanted was an oil change. I took the same car to another station that praised the car. This company is out to get all they can out of their clients. Do not use them.